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(321) 300-1928

Our Leagues Enjoy:

  • 7-9 Week Season Including Playoffs
  • Equipment, Facilities, and T-shirts Provided
  • Postgame Contests and Events
  • Paid Referees

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Welcome to Windup Sport and Social!

Presenting Orlando's premier adult dodgeball league. Windup Sport and Social is an adult sports league that offers semi-competitive social co-ed dodgeball. Unlike other adult sports leagues, Windup Sport and Social offers paid referees so players don't have to work to play. The primary focus is to provide a unique athletic experience that encourages a social atmosphere.  Join us postgame each week to participate in various contests and events!


- Matches played at Barnett Park Gym from 7 to 9 PM on Tuesday nights

- 45 minute matches (5 minute games)

- Paid referees

- Co-ed 8 vs. 8; maximum 6 males on the court per team

- Playoffs

- Sign up as a free agent, team captain, or join an existing team


Sponsorship opportunities available. Contact (321) 300-1928 or e-mail Windupsportandsocial@gmail.com.

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